Monday, October 24, 2011

My first iPad sketch done with ArtRage

Note: I started my blog many months ago hoping to help students understand how I work and the thought processes behind my work. I haven't posted anything on the blog since I started, so I must apologize. It can be very difficult for me to extract my thoughts and get them down on paper, when I sit down to actually write out my thoughts, they just seem to vanish. I guess that's why I'm a visual artist and not a writer. But, starting today, I'm going to make a concerted effort to write an entry into this blog each week. 

This is a 2 hour portrait sketch I did on my new iPad using a program called ArtRage. This is a totally new medium for me. Having never done anything electronically before, I find it's a great way to do a study in a very short amount of time. This portrait, which was done from life, looks very much like the model, with the exception of the mouth. There’s something a bit off with it…oh well, it’s a study right. As Sargent said "A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth".  In using this medium I find it very difficult to blend colors and their respective values into each other. I think a little more “easel” time will help. But what I like about the iPad is the flexibility that it has. I mean it has an undo button!!! What more could you ask for?:-) Working on the iPad gives you room to experiment. You don't have to be afraid to make mistakes because if you do, you simply hit undo or save as. Feel free to experiment!

I’ll post more iPad sketches as I go forward, and we’ll see if I get any better. I need to get outside with the iPad and Artrage to get some plein air sketches


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm a fine artist trapped in graphic arts career that I love. Just got an iPad for my birthday and now I know I can do more than just watch stuff on it... I can create stuff!! Awesome!

woho said...

you can also try sketchbook.
thesketch look realy nice